Thyssenkrupp Presta builds camshafts for the automotive industry here in Danville, China and Europe. Locally they are one of the largest employers with hundreds in the Presta division alone.

“ThyssenKrupp Presta Camshafts is one of the most successful producers of camshafts, valve train systems and bearing blocks worldwide. With over 1,400 employees in 5 locations, we produce over 18 million camshafts per year. We are the global market leader for Assembled Camshafts due to our outstanding achievements in this automotive business.”

They are a valued customer for NCT. We have done a lot of work for them over the years and are proud to be a supplier of theirs. We have installed several different assembly lines for them since our founding in 2002. We continue to support all of these lines and continually update the lines in an effort to maintain the highest possible quality for their production.