NCT Inc. is and Engineering and Consulting company based in Danville, Illinois. We design, build and integrate automation systems and machines for technology intense industries. In addition we offer technical expertise in the fields of process engineering, production technologies and project engineering. We provide service, maintenance, re-build and rigging for industrial equipment. .

Significant moments in NCT history
2002: Incorporation of NCT and beginning of a continuing relationship with MBB Fertigungstechnik(Formerly Claas Fertigungstechnik)
2003: Expansion into software and electronics
2004: Expansion into machine design and re-work
2006: Begin representation of Stiwa
2007: Acquisition of business property on Kickapoo Dr. in Danville, IL. With this new property we began in house fabrication of parts and equipment.
2007: Contract with MBB for the set up of transport jigs for the Boeing 787 at Boeing’s U.S. and Japan locations
2008: Representation and service of SEMA and RWT
2008: Expansion of machine shop and start of CNC parts manufacturing

Employee Profiles