Safety Rigging


We consider safety to be the utmost importance at NCT. When asked to design and build a safety rigging system by one of our customers we took the task very seriously. Building a life saving device is a formidable undertaking.


The device pictured above was made to attach and clamp onto a rail system for our customer. The rail is about 20 feet in the air so if a person were to fall they would suffer serious or deadly injuries. Our rig was made to prevent that. The maintenance technician would place the rig around the bottom and top rails, lock it in place and then attach themselves, via a harness.
While safely attached to the rail the rig can still be moved with ease in horizontal direction to allow for freedom of movement by the worker.
The system is designed to attach and detach in one minute and fits four different rail systems


The amount of energy that the rig is designed to withstand is significant. A prototype was built that went through a series of real life fall tests from 20 feet to ensure the correct function of the design. After satisfactory completion of the tests, two systems were built and delivered to the customer.