Often when working with a company we’re asked to represent their interests in varying degrees of service. This is an agreement that we take very seriously and strive to encompass the values of that company, as well as our own, at every job-site. How we represent these companies is of the utmost importance to us as we strive for mutual respect and trust with everyone we work with. Because of this professionalism we maintain an open and strong relationship with all of these companies.

We currently represent 5 companies that have machines or assembly lines around the country.



      3DPS LLC

3DPS CENSOR LLC is an innovative Swiss company which is fully committed to rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. In these sectors lays our strength. We serve all industries that rely on absolute precision and reliability


      Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB)

Our relationship with MBB has existed since NCT’s inception. As a representative our main task is to repair and maintain machines and lines that are still under warranty. Typically this is equipment that NCT has actually assembled and set up itself. As with the other companies we represent we work autonomously and are free to re-engineer problematic parts.

Most of the work we have done with MBB has been automotive and aerospace. MBB and NCT worked together to build the jigs for Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner.



We have been working with STIWA since 2006. While most of our projects have been located in Indiana, we have also done work in Austria, Mexico and around the United States. The work we do for Stiwa consits of leading machine builds, perform service and maintenance, warranty work and machine rebuilds.


      Rollwalztechnik (RWT)

NCT representation of RWT began in 2008. We have integrated multiple rolling machines from RWT in assembly lines in the U.S. We also sell their roll forming tools, which can be used on almost any brand of roll forming equipment.



After years of doing service and set up work for SEMA , NCT became their U.S. representation in 2013. We do full representation with sales, machine set up, service and warranty.