Boeing 787 Jig build

NCT supported MBB (Formerly Claas Fertigungstechnik) in building the transport jigs for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We supplied 3 technicians, each directly out of the aeronautics industry, to MBB Germany for assembly and testing for each jig. The technicians then traveled with these jigs to their bases in Japan and the United States (Washington, Kansas and South Carolina). Once on site we worked directly with Boeing engineers to maintain a strict compliance to FAA regulations.

The jigs themselves were an engineering challenge. Each jig connects to the part they carry often with only microns of tolerance. Also, the weight of each jig presented a problem for the Dreamlifter. Since some of the jigs were about a hundred feet long it was imperative to find ways to reduce the weight of these massive constructions.


About 3 minutes into the video clip you can see the jigs that we built carrying each piece of the Dreamliner



We were proud to be a part of aviation history. The 787 was the first production airplane made from carbon composite materials.